Thunderbolts in Action

Student in class
Math Showcase 2020
These projects symbolize the growth i had because it starts off something simple and easy to something complex.-Lina Im the most proud of myself for keeping up and never giving up for as hard something was.All of these projects represent my growing in math because it was a process of learning which I have to go through to have a better understanding of what I was doing.-AnaThis semester I am most proud of being able to push through online learning like I really hate this and i’m starting to get really tired of it but i’m proud that im still getting work done. -Jordan. 
I never liked math as a kid. I now feel like I understand it and I’m happy about that.-PreciousSomething no one knows is I love math lol and my math journey was amazing.
Something that people should know about me is that i wasn’t as good at math but now math is one of my favorite subjects and i wanna learn a lot more in the future.-CurshawnThese projects helped me understand equations more and just mah in general. -ElrichThis shows my growth because I didn’t know any of this graphing and how to curve it and make shapes in the beginning of the year, so this is a big step and a lot of growth for me.  – Lovelle
I am proud that I have made it this far cause there was so many times I wanted to give up so I’m proud of myself and how far I have came. – CherishKnowing that i could have pushed myself way more, i take these projects and have ahold of them because it’s a tangible thing that proves that i didn’t give up. -DiamondThese projects extend my math growth and learning by making me work my hardest -Eveli
This semester I am very proud to be able to get ahead with very good grades, since it is a difficult situation to adapt to a new place and a new way of living, the project that familiarized me and increased my knowledge was the “the name project” because when I arrived they were just starting the project and I became very familiar with it and it allowed me to understand the mathematics here – ChristianOthers must know that i really love math it’s fun,  Throughout my math journey i have struggled but now i’m doing good.-Jenascia
. My math journey has increased my confidence in math and that is important because now I know that any problem I find in math I know I can overcome it. – Adam
What has my math journey done for my confidence in math i understand how to graph a bit because i do forget what i am doing but this helped me alot -GeovanaSomething u should know about me is i hate math never was good at it but working with garst and acosta has really help me get better -DamariI feel confident in my math work and understand my projects, now I feel better about math class and feel as if I can understand my future projects.-Sandra
Overall, the surface meaning of all my projects are “I am a student in a math class” and the deeper meaning of my projects is that I am a student who loves math and will show it by pouring all my effort into my projects. -natalieThis quarter felt like a very Successful quarter because I stayed on top of all of my school work and at the end of the day I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. -KaliyahThe journey has been pretty difficult but over time i was able to understand the subject better.-Markell
These projects symbolizes hard work and learning because I’ve stayed focused,finished the work in the process i learned new things – MayraTo an dramatic extent this project symbolizes my understanding has grown so much. This time last year  wouldn’t be able to even have known or made these equation to create symbols and words. Lasty, everyone should know that I was failing math terribly before I came to Manual. Once I came I immediately realized how understanding my teachers are and I love all of their teaching strategies. Specifically, my math teachers. -NyairreWhat this math journey has  done with my confidence is give me reassurance that i can properly use desmos and know how to graph equations and shapes. -Masi
This projects help me improve on my math growth and learning by getting better with technology and knowing more about equations and how I can use them with not just shapes, but with names as well. -Miguel O I’ve really enjoyed all of these projects and it was a new way to teach me the same equations I would need but they were fun and engaging. -LaylaI want others to know that my math journey has not been the easiest, this subject has never been my strong suit. As I do a lot, I slowly excel for myself and it is a really great feeling. -Ariana
I learned more about math and at the same time it was fun. -siham I love pushing forward in life and I will always strike forward! I love working hard while being me and not giving up! -Celeste