The Manual Difference

At Manual High School, we believe our students are capable of achieving at the highest levels. We challenge, nurture, and support all of our students, who work with highly-trained teachers in an innovative, technology-rich environment. Manual students develop an unshakable mindset of achievement that includes high expectations, resiliency, and the ability to think critically and deeply.

Manual High School, which opened in 1892 and was one of the first schools to educate women and African Americans, has a rich and impressive history. Today, we are building on its powerful legacy of achievement and are proud of our many graduates who have distinguished themselves in a wide array of fields.

Groundbreaking Innovation

Manual is at the forefront of career and technical education with the launch of MedConnect, one of the district’s first biomedical pathways for high school students. This rigorous program ensures students interested in the biomedical field have a clearly-defined path to higher education or a career in the health sector, which is one of the fastest growing industries in Colorado. MedConnect students take courses that align with their interests and enable them to gain real world experience through internships at local hospitals and Kaiser Permanente, which has provided financial support through a multi-year grant.

As one of the first schools in the district to be granted Innovation Status, Manual’s classrooms are equipped with 21st Century tools and technology. Just as importantly, Manual has embraced one-to-one computing, which means all students simultaneously have access to a computer. There is no waiting around or scheduling of computer time. One-to-one computing bolsters efficiency and innovation in all our classrooms.

Unmatched Culture for Student Achievement

All of our students are known to the faculty and staff, who nurture and respect them as valued members of the Manual family. Unlike the typical high school with classrooms that are overflowing and often have a shortage of spots in elective classes, Manual has kept class sizes small, with a low student to teacher ratio. In this intimate setting, teachers are able to pinpoint and build on students’ strengths, which keeps everyone accountable and helps kids reach their full potential. Manual High School’s leadership, faculty, and staff are committed to creating a clear path for their students to become Denver’s next generation of leaders and change-makers.

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