Manual Thunderbolts

State Champs 2019

The Thunderbolt Philosophy

At Manual, we work hard and play hard. With the development of lifelong fitness and self-discipline at the crux of our athletic program, Manual athletes learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. Working hard, supporting teammates, showing respect for their coaches and opponents distinguishes Manual athletes on their drive to success in sports and in life. The steadfast determination and pursuit of excellence found in our classrooms continues out on the field, the courts or wherever our sports take us.

Thunderbolt Athletic Facts

Thunderbolt Legacy

Manual proudly holds 26 state championships, as well as the CHSAA record for the most basketball championships (12). In fact, two former Thunderbolts still hold state records: Chucky Sprolling scored a jaw-dropping 74 points in one game against Denver North, and Bruno Knopka punted the football an astonishing 99 yards.

We welcome all students, including those new to organized sports. For more information about the Thunderbolt Athletic Program, contact Manual’s Athletic Director Mickey Grant or 720-423-6529.

Manual offers the following sports:

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