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Friends of Manual High School is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the academic achievement and overall experience of students at Manual. Friends of Manual was started a decade ago by a group of alumni committed to public education in Denver. This dedicated group finds ways to positively connect with their Alma matter.

In memory of Mr. Al Schegelberger

Thunderbolt Family: it’s with a broken heart we announce one of our most treasured alumni and school historian has passed. Mr. Al Schegelberger, MHS ‘60 has passed on April 6, 2020. His bright smile and stories of manual history will be sorely missed. A tribute will be planned by the Friends of Manual. Please share your memories on their fb page or via email.

For more information regarding the history of Manual High School or to donate, please contact

Manual Council

Manual Council an elected group of actively engaged parents, teachers, administrators, and community members who provide feedback on major school decisions regarding programming, school climate, academic performance, and budgets. The Manual Council meets monthly and ensures fidelity to the school mission and vision, as outlined in the Unified Improvement Plan.


The Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado school to create an annual plan to improve student learning and to monitor the school’s performance. Major strategies from Manual’s 2014-2015 Unified Improvement Plan are listed below.

  1. Implement intentional systems to improve academic achievement
    1. Provide additional learning time for all students and even more time for math and literacy for students not yet proficient.
    2. Implement effective supports for English language learners.
    3. Provide teachers with observation feedback and support using the DPS LEAP system.
    4. Implement DPS curriculum in all courses.
    5. Provide results-based professional development to teachers.
    6. Utilize short cycle assessments to monitor student learning.
    7. Implement 9th Grade Academy and summer school.
    8. Utilize “City Year” employees to provide targeted support for 9th graders.
  2. Implement intentional systems to promote and sustain a positive, academically-focused school culture
    1. Establish, communicate, and enforce common school-wide expectations for all students.
    2. Implement “No Nonsense Nurturing” as the basis for classroom management.
    3. Provide professional development on cultural awareness and competence.
    4. Implement an intentional system to reduce tardies and increase attendance.
    5. Implement Manual Huddles to reinforce school wide expectations and to support Manual T-BOLT Strong culture.
  3. Implement systems to ensure all Manual High School students graduate college and career ready
    1. Increase AP enrollment and pass rates:
    2. Increase AP class offerings.
    3. Offer AP Prep Classes.
    4. Provide professional development to AP teachers.
    5. Increase ACT Scores:
    6. Provide embedded ACT practice in content classes.
    7. Provide differentiated ACT Prep Program.
    8. Increase the number of students participating in the “College First” program.
    9. Provide concurrent enrollment opportunities for students to reduce college remediation.
    10. Increase the number of Manual students who are on –track.
    11. Provide a systematic, supportive college going culture:
    12. Counselors meet with Huddles to complete Personal Education Plans.
    13. Support all students with college applications and FASFA forms.
    14. Parent and Community Outreach.

For more information, please contact:
Scott Esserman, Chair, Manual Parent
Phone: 303-909-2493

Serina Montoya, Co-Chair, School Social Worker
Phone: 720-423-675

Manual Council Meeting 9/15/2020

Reading Partners Program

Manual Students engaged in the Reading Partners Program will increase their love of reading and improve their skills to make meaning from multiple texts.

  • Together, student and volunteers will choose reading material based on student interest
  • Student and volunteers will meet weekly during class time to engage in reading and discussion of chosen texts.
  • Students and volunteers will have opportunities to write about and share readings with a larger group.
  • Volunteers will receive training and support throughout the year. Volunteers are reading partners, providing modeling and practice for how one constructs meaning while reading.
  • Progress will be tracked based upon student and volunteer surveys, state and district assessments and increased time of student reading. This program is part of a school-wide effort to increase reading across the curriculum.
  1. Dramatically increase reading confidence and skill of Manual High School students.
  2. Build student reading fluency and comprehension.
  3. Build relationships between Manual High School and the community.
  4. Increase the amount of relevant complex text available to students.

For more information please contact:
Julie Malek
Program Coordinator

Manual Market

The Food Pantry at Manual Market was established in 2017 and has seen overwhelming support from our alumni community, our greater Whittier community and staff and students at Manual.

We aimed to begin a movement on campus where the Whole Child can be cared for and students and their families benefit from nutritious meals and snacks.

Highlighted in a 2018 Article in Capitol Hill Life, our Pantry at Manual started with a small vision by our school nurse who saw a large need.  She found herself assessing students for health conditions, which could solved with proper nutrition.  The nurse reached out for help from Friends of Manual and donations in time and money from community members began to pour in. Food For Thought, a local non-profit with ties to other food banks at DPS schools, provided multiple donations of food throughout the first year.

We are excited to begin a new year with your support. Please email Lucy Roberts – the school nurse at if you can help this year in any way.

Areas of need are:
  • Food donations
  • Financial support
  • Volunteer time to help organize Food Pantry
  • Trucks to drive and pick up donation

Location: School Nurse Office in Clinic