Attendance Policy

Students in hallway

Absence Policies

Excellent attendance is an expectation at Manual High School. Because excellent student attendance is correlated to high levels of student learning, we encourage students to be in every class, on time, every day of the school year.

The school will contact parents regarding student attendance problems and will respond with the appropriate consequences when non-attendance becomes problematic. An “Auto-Dialer” will be sent out to parents when a student has been marked absent.  Parents can request their student’s attendance report in the Main Office and an attendance report can be obtained from the student’s Infinite Campus account.

To excuse an absence:

When possible, it is best to communicate excused absences to the Manual Attendance Office prior to the absence or the day of the absence. Absences will remain “unexcused” if the request for an excuse is not accepted within two days of the absence.

All “excuses,” either written or verbal must include:

  1. parent/guardian’s name
  2. the name and ID number of the student
  3. the dates(s) of the absence
  4. the reason for the absence
  5. a telephone number where the parent can be contacted during the school day.

The absence will remain unexcused if the request for “excused” status is not accepted within two days of the absence.

Absences are approved by the principal for these reasons:

Doctor’s Appointments
School Event
Requests for any other reason must be approved by the principal or his/her appointee. Requests for continued excused absences may require a note from a doctor.

Partial-Day Absences

Students may not leave school early without parent/guardian communication to the Attendance Office prior to leaving. Students must check out of school with approval from the Attendance Secretary. If this is not done, students will be marked with unexcused absences for the class periods that they are out of school. Partial-Day Absences for illness will be handled through the Nurse, or the Dean’s Office when the nurse is not available.

Policy Towards Excessive Absences

Attendance Referral will be completed when student has five consecutive unexcused absences. A mandatory parent meeting will be required for all students with consecutive unexcused absences.

Assignment Request

Requests for assignments for a student whose extended absence results from illness should be addressed to the Main Office at 720-423-6300. Requests should be made if the absence will be for more than three days.