Jasmin Gandarilla

Diverse Learner/MLL



Student Support Services

Hi! My name is Mrs. G and I was born and raised in Denver, and I am proud to be the daughter of Mexican Immigrant parents from Sinaloa, Durango and Juaritos. I am a teacher leader at Manual High School and I teach English Language Development. I also teach two Mexican American Studies courses for the University of Northern Colorado. I chose to teach at Manual because I love the resilience of the East side community. When my mom first moved to the US she lived in the East side and in some sense I feel like I am reclaiming a missing piece of me. I have learned that those missing pieces are my students I love that in my class we can be ourselves, get on eachothers nerves, eat, laugh, cry and so on. I think one of my favorite memories from last year was taking students to the climbing gym. I loved seeing students learn something new and then get the confidence to try again or try a more difficult obstacle (or getting stuck on a big boulder lol). My favorite thing about being a teacher is being a part of students lives. Students give me hope, energy, and I love seeing how amazing they are and their growth in life.