Welcome to the 5th Battalion where the Thunderbolts thrive! 

Since 1894 Manual High School has developed leaders from the best and brightest students on campus.  It is one of the oldest schools in the area, an institution deeply woven into the fabric of the community.  Manual was also one of the first schools in Denver, Colorado to educate African-Americans.

Well known people are The first black mayors of Denver, Wellington Webb, and Seattle, Norman Rice; boxer, poet, and activist Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales; Mayor Michael Hancock; Denver current Mayor; writer Ted Conover and National Public Radio correspondent Scott Horsley. Manual has excelled at basketball and baseball where they have produced players such as Michael Ray Richardson, Billy Lewis, Daniel Banuelos/Cortez, who went on to play college baseball, and LaVon Williams, who went on to a second career as a celebrated wood carver.  During WWII at least 50 Manual men and one teacher, Richard Orange, gave their lives in service.

It is our pleasure to welcome both new and returning students to the Army JROTC program.  This year’s Cadet Corps promises to be the best in living memory.  We have a strong pillar of returning Cadets and highly motivated freshmen who are eager to learn from our top-notch Cadet Leadership.

The Thunderbolt Battalion has a demonstrated history of 105 years of excellence in leadership development as proven by the outstanding Cadets in the program right now.  We look forward to continuing this tradition of distinction next semester and in the years to come.
Very Respectfully,
First Sergeant Eric Posey

Army Instructors, Military Science, Thunderbolt Battalion

JROTC Mission

“The mission of JROTC is to motivate young people to be better citizens.”

JROTC Calendar:


Event: Toy drive       Location: MHS

Month of October 

Event: Sock drive for the homeless    Location: MHS

September 22nd-December 3rd  

Event: Rifle Marksmanship competitions    Location: TBA

October 6th       J. Guzman

Event: Female Windsor Gardens (1830-2030)    Location: Windsor Gardens

October 7th   

Event: Raider Challenge         Location: University of Wyoming

November 11th 

Event: Taste of JROTC/Veteran’s Day Parade     Location: Civic Center Park

November 18-20

Event: Faculty “Best of the Best” Marksmanship Fundraiser  Location: MHS

December 6th 

Event: Annual Marksmanship Awards Ceremony     Location: South

January 25th 

Event: DAI/BDE Inspections    Location: MHS(pm)

February 9th Cadet?

Event: Male Windsor Gardens (1830-2030) Location: Windsor Garden

March 9th

Event: Military Ball         Location: Hyatt Hotel

March 17th  

Event: Annual JROTC Drill competition      Location: MHS

March 21st alt Apr 6th 

Event: Raider Challenge     Location: Lincoln HS

April 21st  

Event: Rocky Mountain Regional JROTC Drill Meet          Location: Denver Coliseum

May 1st 

Event: Annual Review & Awards Ceremony      Location: South High Stadium

June 4-8  

Event: Summer Camp (JCLC)        Location: Peaceful Valley


The  JROTC Curriculum:

The JROTC curriculum, which fully or partially addresses a number of national academic standards – to include Common Core State Standards (CCSS) – includes course work on leadership, civics, geography and global awareness, health, and wellness, language arts, life skills, and U.S. history. The curriculum is based on the principles of performance-based, learner-centered education and promotes development of core abilities: capacity for life-long learning, communication, responsibility for actions and choices, good citizenship, respectful treatment of others, and critical thinking techniques.

More important than “what” is learned in JROTC is “how” it is learned. Every classroom is equipped with leading edge technologies to teach, assess, and report student progress. Teachers are trained to utilize a range of technologies and develop social/emotional skills, support academic content through gaming and simulations, and promote the role of social media. Thus, students engage in meaningful, purposeful activities that lead them to demonstrate success through a portfolio of accomplishments. A Cadet beginning the ninth grade might follow a course similar to the one below:

Education & Training
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Unit 1: Citizenship in Action Foundations of Army JROTC

Getting Involved

The Nation’s Defense Forces
Unit 2: Leadership Theory & Application Being a Leader Knowing How to Lead Leading Situations Leadership Lab
Unit 3: Foundations for Success Know yourself – Socrates

Study Skills

Communication Skills

Conflict Resolution

Teaching Skills

Making a Difference w/Service Learning

Career Planning

Planning Skills

Social Responsibility

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

Unit 4: Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle Cadet Challenge First Aid for Emergency and non-Emergency Situations Drug Prevention/Intervention
Unit 5: Geography, Map Skills & Environmental Awareness The Globe Maps, Map Reading and Land Navigation Orienteering

Air Navigation

Exploring the World
Unit 6: Citizenship in American History & Government You the People – Citizenship Skills

Your Job as an American Citizen

You the People – Citizenship Action Group Process

Founding and Growth of a Nation (history 1776 to present)

The Federal Judicial System

Sources of power

Advanced Citizenship and American History

In addition to a typical JROTC curriculum, Cadets may have the opportunity to participate in a number of co-curricular activities offered by JROTC:

  • JROTC Leadership Challenge and Academic Bowl (JLAB): a competitive program that imparts values of leadership and citizenship while preparing for higher education milestones like college entrance exams.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Camps: a one week college residential program at STEM labs with interaction with college-level professors and graduate and undergraduate students.
  • JROTC Raider Challenge: A competitive program for JROTC Cadets in five different fitness and skill events.
  • Air Rifle Competitions: Marksmanship programs that promote teamwork, self confidence and marksmanship skills.
  • Drill Competitions: Programs for traditional drill formations including regulation and exhibition/pageantry categories.

5th Battalion Army Instructor 

The Army Instructors of JROTC are all retired Army personnel that have served over 20 years in the United States Army. They instruct and teach Cadets in the JROTC Classes, Rifle Marksmanship Class and Drill Practice Classes.

Army Instructor – 1SG Eric E. Posey


Years as an Instructor:  10

Office: (720) – 423 – 6358


What do you want cadets to take away or learn while being in JROTC?

” Your attitude, determines your altitude.”



Battalion Staff  Members

The Battalion Staff is in charge of maintaining and organizing updates, events, and the materials of the 5th Battalion and its cadets.


Name: Janet Guzman

MHS Junior

– Lieutenant Colonel

I have many responsibilities staff, but my main one is that I’m responsible for everything that the battalion succeeds and fails to do!

– The best part of being in JROTC is that I get to learn more about how being leaders is. That I get to work with many people and by doing that good relationships are created.

– JROTC has done many things for me. JROTC has helped me grow as a leader and person. It has helped me get out my comfort zone, and with communication skills it has helped me not settle for less, to work hard for everything, and to believe in myself and the things that I’m capable of doing.


The 5th Battalion Teams and Activities

1st Semester Teams and Activities:

  • Rifle Team (Marksmanship)
  • Armed Exhibition Drill Team (Rifle Spinning)
  • Honor Platoon (Unarmed Exhibition)
  • Color Guard (Sycronized marching with colors/flags)
  • JLAB Team (Educational Testing and Trivia Team)
  • Raider Team (Physical Fitness, Orienteering, and event-based Team)

2nd Semester Teams and Activities:

  • HP Team
  • Armed Exhibition Drill Team
  • Honor Platoon
  • Color Guard
  • Honor Cadets (LET 1 Honor Roll Program)
  • Raider Team
  • JLAB Team

Possible Teams and Activities in the future:

  • PT Team (Pentatholon)