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NCTE- Ignite Presentation

The Manual High School Team participated in the asynchronous, Ignite sessions hosted by the NCTE–National Conference of Teachers of English– conference this past December. The Ignite sessions centered on innovative educational practices, 5-10 minutes at a time. The Manual High School…Continue Reading

You love Math, We love Math

Math teacher Jeny Garst will be presenting at the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in February. Ms. Garst’s class created a project in which students used their skills they developed in class to create a coloring book that students…Continue Reading

Featured Speaker at Colorado College

Congratulations to our social studies teacher and doctoral candidate William Anderson who was the featured speaker at Colorado College who spoke on the topic of “The Potential Impacts of School Language Practices on the Experience and Identity Development of Black…Continue Reading

New York Times Teaching Project

Alina Acosta is our amazing 10th grade math teacher and is part of the New York Times teaching project for 2020 – 2021 with a focus on authentic learning experiences and the application of mathematics to solve the complex issues…Continue Reading

Manual Teachers Presenting at the National Council of Teachers of English this November.

The Manual High School Team will participate in the asynchronous, Ignite session hosted by the NCTE. The Ignite sessions are centering on innovative practices, 5 minutes at a time. The Manual High School English Team’s theme is: BIPOC and Academic:…Continue Reading