BSA Resolution

Be it so resolved that the Black Student Alliance at Manual High School, in conjunction with Student Leadership, believe that:

  1. Black Lives Matter.
  2. All people should be treated equally (with dignity and respect) no matter who they are.
  3. Black people are excellent, inherently.
  4. There is injustice in our current society that needs to be addressed and then solved.
  5. The voices of youth matter and can create change.

Whereas in the month of May 2021, we, the Manual Black Student Alliance, declare that we will build a fence display which highlights the Black Lives Matter Movement. We will use the colors: red, white and Carolina blue to speak to the Manual School colors and our community’s unity. We also endeavor to display a banner with the colors of: Red, Black and Green to show our support and recognition of all African people of the diaspora: According to Garvey, the red symbolises the blood of martyrs, the black symbolizes the skin of Africans, and the green represents the vegetation of the African land.

Whereas, our hope becomes:

  1. We create dialogue within and outside of Manual which leads to positive change for the Black community;
  2. That people recognize the violence and police conflicts that negatively impact the Black community;
  3. That there is more accountability for police in Black communities;
  4. That our voices are heard and honored and used to create change;
  5. The government will commit to changing the racist systems that have caused deaths and trauma to Black people;
  6. Laws are changed to create positive outcomes and not over-policing for Black people;
  7. That the deaths of Black people, at the hands of police, are not in vain;
  8. Black persons can move within and outside of their communities without fear.

We will know we, as the members of the Black Student Alliance, are successful when we see positive change. We will know we are successful when everyone in our community understands, believes, and supports that Black Lives Matter.