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Manual High School Athletics Athlete’s Code of Ethics Contract As an athlete, I understand that it is my responsibility to:

  1. Make academic achievement my highest priority.
  2. Represent myself and my school well, knowing that I am setting an example for others to follow.
  3. Display good sportsmanship and exhibit courtesy, fair play and proper conduct on and off the playing field at all times.
  4. Respect myself, my team, my school, opponents, coaches and game officials. Always obey by the judgments and directions of coaches, officials and other staff members.
  5. Refrain from profanity and any offensive language or gestures.
  6. Attend all practices and games. Communicate with my coach if I must miss a practice or game. I understand that failure to attend a practice may result in reduced game time.
  7. Notify my coach before an away contest or have my parents talk to the coach after the game if I have traveled with the team to a game, but will not be returning with the team.
  8. Return all athletic equipment clean and on time. I am responsible to pay for lost, stolen or damaged equipment and for late fees.
  9. Refrain from hazing other students or athletes, including any ceremony, punishment, initiation, or other act which risks physical or emotional harm.

Any violation of the above responsibilities will be handled by the coach and the athletic director. Parents may be notified. The severity of the consequences will be determined by the coach and the athletic director. Consequences may include, but are not limited to, suspension from games or the team, extended practices, study tables or school disciplinary referrals.

I also understand the following rules of the Manual Athletic Program:

  1. All day school attendance on game day is a requirement for participation in the game.
  2. Fighting during an athletic activity will result in suspension for the remainder of that game and for the following game.
  3. The use of any illegal chemicals (such as alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco) during an athletic activity (including travel associated with athletics) will result in suspension from the team for the remainder of the season and possible expulsion from the athletic program.
  4. Serious disciplinary violations or criminal acts, even if not associated with the athletic program, may result in suspension from the team or athletic program at the discretion of the coach or athletic director.
  5. Students may earn P.E. credit for satisfactory completion of an athletic season in a sport. Students who are suspended from the sport, or whose participation is unsatisfactory, will not receive credit.
  6. Students are subject to all school rules and disciplinary policies while participating in athletic activities, including travel. Student and Parent Consent I have read and understand the “Athlete’s Code of Ethics Contract.” I understand and support these expectations. I also understand that students may not participate athletics until this signed form is received by the Athletic Director.

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Congratulations as you begin your journey at Manual High School, home of the Thunderbolts! As a scholar at Manual High School, you are expected to follow some specific guidelines. As a community we require commitment to each other to support your success at Manual.

The faculty and administrators of Manual High School pledge to you, the student, to create a safe and stimulating learning environment. We will do everything in our power to help you achieve your goals, including preparing you for college and career success. We promise to respect and support you as we all strive, daily, to live up to the T-Bolt Way (Timely, Be engaged, Organized, Listening & Learning, Talk with respect & dignity)

As a Manual High School student I accept the following expectations and responsibilities for excellence and commitment:

Student’s pledge: I pledge, first to myself, but also to my family and the faculty and administrators of Manual, to do my personal best everyday to fulfill these expectations and requirements. I understand that there are consequences if I do not live up to my word. I understand that I will make mistakes and I promise to learn and grow from the experiences. I pledge to honor and practice the Manual T-bolt Way every day. I will represent myself and my school as a proud Thunderbolt.

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I accept the following expectations for excellence and commitment:

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