How A Class Of Manual High Students Made Health Care At Their School A Lot More Equitable

Posted May 18, 2021

CREDIT: CPR News By John Daley May 18, 2021

There were masked hugs all around on an overcast May day near the red and blue arch of Denver’s Manual High School.

With the city skyline as a backdrop, teacher Whitney Weathers greets a group of students she said she hasn’t seen, at least, in person since…

“When did we close down the school?”

It had been 14 months, since March of 2020. The meeting is also a celebration of sorts, said senior Serenity Soutthivong.

“Honestly, it’s super surreal. When we first started off this project, we didn’t think that we were going to be making this much of an impact. And because of Ms. Weathers we have,” she said.

Under Weathers tutelage, Soutthivong and a group of classmates undertook a year-long project to evaluate and improve the health access forms used by thousands of Denver Public Schools students each year.

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