Unified Improvement Plan

The Education Accountability Act of 2009 requires each Colorado school to create an annual plan to improve student learning and to monitor the school’s performance. Major strategies from Manual’s 2014-2015 Unified Improvement Plan are listed below.
1: Implement intentional systems to improve academic achievement
Provide additional learning time for all students and even more time for math and literacy for students not yet proficient.
Implement effective supports for English language learners.
Provide teachers with observation feedback and support using the DPS LEAP system.
Implement DPS curriculum in all courses.
Provide results-based professional development to teachers.
Utilize short cycle assessments to monitor student learning.
Implement 9th Grade Academy and summer school.
Utilize “City Year” employees to provide targeted support for 9th graders.

2: Implement intentional systems to promote and sustain a positive, academically-focused school culture
Establish, communicate, and enforce common school-wide expectations for all students.
Implement “No Nonsense Nurturing” as the basis for classroom management.
Provide professional development on cultural awareness and competence.
Implement an intentional system to reduce tardies and increase attendance.
Implement Manual Huddles to reinforce school wide expectations and to support Manual T-BOLT Strong culture.

3: Implement systems to ensure all Manual High School students graduate college and career ready
Increase AP enrollment and pass rates:
Increase AP class offerings.
Offer AP Prep Classes.
Provide professional development to AP teachers.
Increase ACT Scores:
Provide embedded ACT practice in content classes.
Provide differentiated ACT Prep Program.
Increase the number of students participating in the “College First” program.
Provide concurrent enrollment opportunities for students to reduce college remediation.
Increase the number of Manual students who are on –track.
Provide a systematic, supportive college going culture:
Counselors meet with Huddles to complete Personal Education Plans.
Support all students with college applications and FASFA forms.
Parent and Community Outreach.