Special Education Program

Department of Individual Education Plans (SPED)


Our vision is to ensure that 100% of our students are supported in the actualization of their IEP transition goals with whole child support in a rigorous environment, through love and accountability, in order to achieve post-secondary readiness for college, career, and life.


Photo Gallery


rosie britt

Rosie Britt

Position:  Special Education Senior Team Lead and Department Chair

Degrees:  B.A. Communication Studies From The University Of Portland

              M.A. in Education from Western State Colorado University

How long in DPS:  I have been at Manual since 2012, DPS 6 years as well.

Hobbies:  I love to read, see live music, work in my garden, go fishing & skiing, and hang out with my husband and dog!

Elda Fuentes

Elda Fuentes

Position: Multi-Intensive Special Educator

College:  Metropolitan State University of Denver

How long in DPS: Teaching since Jan/2006 

Hobbies: Read -it was between work and read 🙁


conyea nave

Conyea Nave

Position: MI/Mild-Mod Teacher

College: Southern University – Baton Rouge, LA

How long in DPS: I started teaching in 2011, this is my 8th year teaching in DPS

Hobby: I’m a video game FIEND


Cameron Perales

Position: Mild/Moderate Special Education Teacher

College: Georgetown University

How long in DPS: First Year at Manual 2018-19

Hobbies: Comic Books and Sports

Biography: I was born and raised in Southern California, playing sports and excelling at academics and community service. Notable achievements were earning the Eagle Scout award at 17, and getting a near full-ride scholarship to Georgetown University. During my time in college I solidified a love of teaching and serving my community while earning my degree in History and Classical Studies. Since college I have been working in the “family business” in Special Education following in the footsteps of my Mother, who has worked in the field for almost 30 years. I love working with students and supporting them to achieve their full potential here at Manual and beyond!

Serina Montoya

Serina Montoya

Position: Social Worker

Education: University of Denver, MSW

How long in DPS: Since 2008 and MHS 2012

Hobbies: Spending time with family, reading and yoga



Heather Kautzman

Position: Special Education Paraprofessional

How long with DPS: 20+ years

Hobbies: baking and spending time with my family

Austin Gonzales

Position: Paraprofessional at the MI center in Manual High School

How long with DPS: since 2018 but have been working in the field for over two years

Hobbies: I am a professional wrestler 

Shaylah Lopez

Position: SpEd Paraprofessional

Degrees: No degree yet but, hopes for a degree in counseling

How long in DPS: new to DPS 2019

Hobbies: hiking, drawing, spending time with family

Kathia Chavez

Position: Paraprofessional

Degrees: B.A. in International Affairs and Asian Studies

Hobbies: Reading, sewing, and collecting vintage records

Raymond Wilson

Position: Paraprofessional

Degree: Biology

In DPS for 2 Hours, 8 Minutes and 34 seconds. 35 seconds. 36 seconds. 37 seconds….

Hobbies: Playing music, fishing and gardening

Leah Stewart

Position: I am the Speech Language Pathologist

How long with DPS: 2018-19 is my first year with DPS (but I love it and plan on many more years)

Hobbies: running, reading, cooking, and traveling with my husband

Lucy Roberts

Lucy Roberts, RN, MS, CNL

Position: School Nurse/Team Lead

How long with DPS: since 2014, 5 years this summer

Hobby: I love to travel- I am trying to go to all 50 states before I’m 50! I have two more years and three states left