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Principal’s Corner

Happy Spring Break, Manual Community!
Today we received the incredible news that our Senior Savanna Jones is a Daniels Fund Scholarship recipient. We are so proud of Savanna and all that she has accomplished.
Savanna is a member of our incredible Writing Center team. The Writing Center has continued to wow us all year with their work. As we go into break, I want to make sure we highlight the great accomplishments of the Manual Center students.
What is the Manual Writing Center? The Writing Center (WC) is a place where all student writers work with one another to experience the power of rhetoric. It was founded by a team of 13 students who were committed to using their senior year to support an awareness in all students that their voices hold value and power. In fact, at Manual, we strive to empower all students to become authors of their own learning through the process of empowerment, inquiry, and dialogue.
Why is it important? The WC shifts the traditional top-down structure in schools where the students’ scope of action extends only as far as receiving, filing, and storing information given to them by teachers. We flip this structure and give students the chance to become teachers. Our peer writing coaches participate as writing instruction specialists in all grades and help teachers
develop engaging and relevant curriculum. This is important, because true learning and growth is born from inquiry, and knowledge emerges only when students have ownership and leadership within their educational experience.
What are some of the highlights of the first year of the Writing Center?
Winning 2016 Imaginarium Design Challenge Redesigning and transforming the space Attending the National Conference for Peer Tutoring in Writing at the University of Puget Sound in November We were one of only three high school groups to attend the conference, and it was there that we learned we are the first students in the country to build a writing center from the ground up. Being recognized by the International Writing Center Association community Being invited to present at next month’s Colorado and Wyoming Writing Tutors Conference, titled Centers of Resilience Publishing weekly student writing on our Manual Writes blog (See examples in the Spotlight on Excellence section below.), and Hosting bi-monthly events to showcase student writing, and larger events for the entire community which give students an opportunity to use their writing to influence social change.
I am proud of these students and all Thunderbolts who continue to make this an amazing year at Manual.
Happy Spring Break, T-Bolt Nation! We wish each of you a restful and rejuvenating week.

Nickolas Dawkins |Principal

Manual High School