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October 24, 2018


Dear Manual High School Students, Families, Staff and Community,


The Manual Council highly values the voices of all our stakeholders as part of the principal selection process. To honor this, we would like your input in determining the characteristics you would like see in the principal. You may provide your input at (English)/ (Spanish), pick up a hard copy of the survey in the Manual HS main office, or call the Family & Community Helpline at 720-423-3054. Please submit the survey by Monday, October 29th at 8am.


Thank you for your participation and please continue to check the Manual High School website and Facebook page for additional information and important upcoming updates.




The Manual Council


24 de Octubre de 2018


Estimados estudiantes, familias, personal y comunidad de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual:


El Consejo de Manual da un alto valor a la voz de todas nuestras partes interesadas en el proceso del selección para el nuevo director(a). Fieles a esta consigna, nos gustaría tener su opinión para determinar las características que desean que tenga el director. Pueden proporcionar su opinión en (inglés)/ (español), recoger un ejemplar impreso de la encuesta en la oficina principal de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual, o llamar al línea de ayuda para familias y comunidad al 720-423-3054. Se les agradece entregar la encuesta, a más tardar, el lunes, el 29 de octubre a las 8am.


Gracias por su participación y no se olviden de visitar el sitio web y la página de Facebook de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual para obtener información adicional y actualizaciones importantes.




El Consejo de Manual


October 18, 2018

Dear Manual High School Community,

I appreciate this opportunity to share with you Manual High School’s State of the School that summarizes 2017-18 data and provides an overview of our areas of focus at Manual for the 2018-19 school year. We have updated our school’s Unified Improvement Plan and our Professional Development plan in collaboration with our teaching staff and members of our Manual Council. We continue to be committed to our school mission of Community, Culture and Innovation. Manual is also committed to the Shared Values of the Denver Public Schools community: Students First, Integrity, Collaboration, Equity, Accountability and Fun!

Measuring Manual’s Student Performance

School Performance Frameworks (SPF)

Although the state accountability system has been the primary measure of school performance in Colorado, this measure alone does not provide a full picture of a school’s performance, as it only captures student performance at a given point in time. The Denver Public School’s School Performance Framework (SPF) takes into account a broad range of measures and considers each school’s data over two years. The SPF is a comprehensive annual review of school performance, which is presented in the form of a scorecard that measures multiple performance criteria including: growth, status, student engagement and satisfaction, enrollment and parent engagement & satisfaction. Based on the school’s total number of points achieved across all of the indicators, the school is assigned an overall SPF rating of: Distinguished, Meets Expectations, Accredited on Watch, Accredited on Priority Watch or Accredited on Probation.

The 2017-18 SPF for Manual rated us as Accredited on Priority Watch. This rating is a combined score of the following criteria:

  • How much is our school improving in preparing students for college and career: Meets
  • How engaged and satisfied are students and families with our school: Meets
  • How well is our school closing academic gaps:  Approaching
  • How much are students growing academically each year:  Approaching
  • Are students at our school performing at grade level:  Does Not Meet Expectations
  • How well prepared are students for college and career: Does Not Meet Expectations

It is important to note the following celebrations of ratings:

  • Exceeds On-Track Graduation Rate Change;
  • Exceeds Student Satisfaction Survey Positive Response;
  • Meets ACCESS MGP(medium growth percentile);
  • Meets State Assessment % at benchmark within school gaps English Learners and Free/Reduced Lunch;
  • Meets Best of Graduation Rate-English Learners;
  • Meets State Assessment MGP compared to similar schools- Literacy and Math;
  • Meets State Assessment MGP State Comparison-Students with disabilities

It is also important to note student performance celebrations beyond the SPF:

  • In 2016, only 37.5% of Manual seniors graduated remediation free in Math. In 2017, that number increased to 49.2%. Last year, 2018, 67% of Manual students graduated remediation free in Math.
  • 2017, 17.5% of Manual juniors met the SAT college readiness benchmark in Reading & Writing. Last year, 2018, 28% of juniors met that same benchmark.
  • In 2017 7.5% of Manual juniors met the SAT college readiness benchmark in Math. Last year, that number increased to 4%.
  • Last year, while the number of sophomores meeting the PSAT 10 benchmark stayed the same in Reading & Writing, the number of students meeting the math benchmark doubled (from 4 to 8).

Though we have much to celebrate, we will work to improve the ratings of Does Not Meet for the following:

  • State Assessment % at benchmark Literacy, Science and Free/Reduced Lunch;
  • State Assessment MGP-Literacy;
  • CDE Best of Graduation Rate Change;
  • CDE Drop Out Rate; and
  • Attendance Rate.

Manual’s Perspective on Accountability

The staff and Manual Council understand the importance of measures like SAT and the SPF in ensuring quality schools and in supporting schools in making data-driven decisions. However, this data is a small piece of the information we use to evaluate our success as a school.  In addition to the achievement data provided by the state and the district, we have additional ways to measure success for our students including:

  • Innovation: As one of the first Denver Public Schools to be approved for Innovation status with the state, Manual’s avant-garde approach to education equips each student with their own Chrome Book. Every core classroom has been updated with 21st century tools and technology. Teachers are continuously trained in the innovative practices of Personalized Learning for their classrooms. This allows for customization and differentiation in classroom lessons to meet the needs of our individual students.
  • Med School (or MedConnect) at Manual: Through a partnership with Denver Health and St. Joseph’s Hospital, Manual offers one of the school district’s first biomedical pathways for high school students. Students have the opportunity to participate in health-based science classes, coaching and mentoring by professionals in health-related fields, and various hands-on learning opportunities. Each of these robust experiences gives our students a deeper insight into health career fields, while enhancing their soft skills needed to succeed in a professional work environment.
  • Early College (concurrent enrollment): Manual students come from a variety of diverse backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in degreed or professional fields. Early College provides options to students who do not receive enough grants and scholarships to pay for four years of college. Currently, 40 students are concurrently enrolled in classes taught by University of Colorado at Denver (UCD) professors at Manual and 10 students are attending classes at Community College of Denver (CCD) to earn an Associated Degree with their high school diploma.

2018-19 Unified Improvement Plan Goals

As a result of extensive data analysis, staff identified two areas of focus for this year which include:

Goal 1:  Attendance  WIG #1: Attendance

  • 45% of Manual students will meet the SPF Attendance threshold of 93% or better.

Goal 2: College and Career Readiness

  • 85% of Manual seniors will graduate remediation free in English and Math.
  • 60 Manual students will meet the college ready benchmark in English and math.
  • 100% of Manual students will move one or more bands as measured by PSAT/SAT.

If you have any questions regarding the information presented, please feel free to contact me at I am so proud to be the interim principal at Manual.



Lynn Heintzman



October 4, 2018

Dear Manual High School Students, Families, Staff and Community,

Selecting a great principal is one of the most essential components in continuing to build not only an academically successful school environment, but also continuing to lift up an enthusiastic and robust school culture. With this in mind we are excited to move forward in the selection process of the next leader of Manual High School.

As we commence the 2018-2019 school year, The Manual Council would like to thank our interim Principal, Lynn Heintzman and all of our administration for starting the year off with solid and effective leadership. We kicked off the year by building a strong foundation with our incoming 9​th​ graders through Freshmen Academy. Manual was recently featured on​ ​9 News highlighting​ our DACA students. We are proud to announce that several of our seniors have already been accepted to four year universities, and we look forward to hearing about more in the weeks and months to come. We are eagerly counting down for a group of students and faculty that will be embarking on an expeditionary learning experience to Cambodia in November. The Manual Council would like to acknowledge all the important work that continues​ ​Within The Halls of Manual​.

As we continue this important work and our search for a permanent leader, The Manual Council has emphasized that we are invested in maintaining consistency and a values based principal search process. In alignment with the Innovation Plan, the Manual Council will serve as the School Principal Selection Advisory Committee (SPSAC). We will be continuing with our previous SPSAC members, filling any vacancies and utilizing focus groups to make the process as inclusive as possible. The Council will compile a diverse and representative team to serve on the SPSAC. Members of the SPSAC will interview candidates and then share strengths and areas of concern for each candidate with the superintendent.

Lastly, we will be filling vacancies to include additional students, parents and community members to serve on the SPSAC and focus groups for the interview process. If you are interested in participating, please submit your application at​ ​​ or pick up an application in the Manual HS main office. Please note that applications are due by ​Friday, October 12 at 4pm.

Thank you for your interest and support as we move forward during this crucial and pivotal process. We look forward to both hearing from, and working with, you as we identify and select the best possible leader for our outstanding school.


The Manual Council

Timeline for Principal Selection Process

October 2-October 12, 2018: School Principal Search Advisory Committee accepts application forms for student, parents, and community representatives for the SPSAC.
Week of October 8: SPSAC applications due @ 4pm on October 12; Manual Council meets to finalize SPSAC members and focus groups; Student input sessions hosted.
Week of October 15 or 22: Manual Council meets for HR training and interview question development; additional engagement activities hosted as needed.
Week of November 26: Candidates participate in school based interviews; Top three candidates participate in instructional learning walk and community forum; Top two finalists interview with superintendent.

4 de octubre de 2018
Estimados estudiantes, familias, personal, y comunidad,
La selección de un gran directr es uno de los componentes más esenciales para continuar construyendo no solo un ambiente escolar académico exitoso, sino también para elevar una cultura escolar entusiasta y sólida. Con esto en mente, estamos entusiasmados de avanzar en el proceso de selección del próximo líder de la escuela Manual.
Al comenzar el año escolar 2018-2019, el consejo de Manual desea agradecer a nuestra Directora interina, Lynn Heintzman y a toda nuestra administración por comenzar el año con un liderazgo sólido y efectivo. Arrancamos el año construyendo una base sólida con nuestros estudiantes de 9º grado a través de la Academia del noveno grado. Manual fue presentado recientemente en Noticias 9 destacando a nuestros estudiantes de DACA. Estamos orgullosos de anunciar que varios de nuestros estudiantes de 12vo año ya han sido aceptados en universidades de cuatro años, y esperamos escuchar más en las próximas semanas y meses. Estamos contando con una cuenta regresiva para un grupo de estudiantes y profesores que se embarcarán en una experiencia de aprendizaje de expedición a Camboya en noviembre. El consejo de Manual quisiera reconocer todo el trabajo importante que continúa en los pasillos de Manual.
A medida que continuamos con este importante trabajo y nuestra búsqueda de un líder permanente, El consejo de Manual ha enfatizado que estamos comprometidos en mantener la coherencia y un proceso de búsqueda del principal basado en valores. En alineación con el Plan de Innovación, el Consejo Manual servirá como el Comité Asesor de Selección del Director de la Escuela (SPSAC). Continuaremos con nuestros miembros anteriores de SPSAC, llenando cualquier vacante y utilizando grupos de enfoque para que el proceso sea lo más inclusivo posible.
El Consejo compilará un equipo diverso y representativo para servir en el SPSAC. Los miembros del SPSAC entrevistarán a los candidatos y luego compartirán las fortalezas y áreas de preocupación de cada candidato con el superintendente.
Por último, estaremos llenando las vacantes para incluir estudiantes, padres y miembros de la comunidad adicionales para que trabajen en el SPSAC y en los grupos de enfoque para el proceso de entrevista. Si está interesado en participar, envíe su solicitud en o recoja una solicitud en la oficina principal de Manual HS. Tenga en cuenta que las solicitudes deben presentarse antes del viernes 12 de octubre a las 4 pm.
Gracias por su interés y apoyo a medida que avanzamos durante este proceso crucial y fundamental. Esperamos escucharlo y trabajar con usted mientras identificamos y seleccionamos al mejor líder posible para nuestra escuela sobresaliente.

EL Consejo de Manual

Serie para el proceso de selección del director

Del 2 de octubre al 12 de octubre de 2018: el Comité Asesor de Búsqueda de Directores de Escuelas acepta aplicaciones de estudiantes, padres y representantes de la comunidad para el SPSAC.

Semana del 8 de octubre: solicitudes de SPSAC con vencimiento a las 4 pm el 12 de octubre; El Consejo Manual se reúne para finalizar los miembros de SPSAC y los grupos de enfoque; Sesiones de entrada de alumnos alojadas.

Semana del 15 al 22 de octubre: el Consejo Manual se reúne para la capacitación de recursos humanos y el desarrollo de preguntas de entrevista; actividades de compromiso adicionales alojadas según sea necesario.

Semana del 26 de noviembre: Los candidatos participan en entrevistas escolares; Los tres candidatos principales participan en la caminata de aprendizaje instruccional y en el foro de la comunidad; Entre los dos finalistas entrevistados con el superintendente.


Serina Montoya
School Social Worker
Manual High School
Room: 114B
Main Office: 720-423-6300


May 18, 2018

Dear Manual High School Students, Families and Community,
We are writing to provide you an update on the Manual High School leadership transition.
As you are aware, the School Principal Search Advisory Committee (SPSAC) diligently worked to find a new leader for our school. Despite an inclusive, thoughtful and thorough principal search process, we were unable to identify a permanent leader. The SPSAC determined it was best to recommend that an interim principal be named for the first semester of the 2018-19 school year. This will allow us to take the remainder of 2018 to embark on a national search for the right candidate. We are confident that, by taking time to vet outstanding local, regional and national candidates in the fall, we will be able to find our next permanent leader who can best meet the needs of the school.
I am pleased to announce that Lynn Heintzman has been named the interim principal for Manual High School for Fall 2018. Ms. Heintzman is a retired Denver Public Schools principal. She served as the principal of Brown Elementary for five years prior to retiring. She currently is serving as interim principal at Lake Middle School for the remainder of the 2017-18 school year. Ms. Heintzman has over 30 years of experience as a K-12educator, working both at the school and district level. She is extremely excited and honored to being working with Manual students, staff and community, and she is committed to making this a positive and smooth transition. She will continue to support the efforts around school improvement that have been put in place at Manual for the first semester of 2018-19 and mentor the new principal once they begin.
Ms. Heintzman will officially begin in at the end of July, but will schedule dates and times over the summer and early fall to meet and greet students, families, and the community.
We would also like to take the time to express our deepest appreciation for Renard Simmons and his dedication to our students and staff while at Manual High School for the past several months. We will miss Mr. Simmons in his role as interim principal after this school year and we wish him the best as he returns to lead DC21 full time.
Please know that we are committed to ensuring a seamless transition for our Manual student(s). Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the Family & Community Helpline at 720-423-3054. Thank you.
Nicole Veltzé
Assistant Superintendent, Division of Secondary Education


18 de mayo de 2018
Estimados estudiantes, familias y comunidad de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual:
Les escribimos para actualizarlos con respecto a la transición de liderazgo de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual.
Como saben, el Comité Asesor para la Selección del Director de Escuela (SPSAC) trabajó diligentemente para encontrar al nuevo líder de nuestra escuela. A pesar de que el proceso de selección del director fue inclusivo, reflexivo y exhaustivo, no logramos identificar a un líder permanente. El SPSAC determinó que lo mejor era elegir a un director interino para el primer semestre del año escolar 2018-19. Esto nos permitirá utilizar el resto de 2018 para conducir una búsqueda a nivel nacional del candidato adecuado. Confiamos en que, al tomar tiempo para examinar a los candidatos locales, regionales y nacionales sobresalientes en el otoño, podremos encontrar al próximo líder permanente que mejor satisfaga las necesidades de la escuela.
Me complace anunciarles que Lynn Heintzman es la nueva directora interina de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual para el otoño de 2018. La Srta. Heintzman es directora jubilada de las Escuelas Públicas de Denver. Fue directora de la Escuela Primaria Brown durante cinco años antes de jubilarse. Actualmente sirve como directora interina de la Escuela Secundaria Lake por lo que resta del año escolar. La Srta. Heintzman tiene más de 30 años de experiencia como educadora de kindergarten a 12.º grado a nivel escolar y del Distrito. Está sumamente emocionada y honrada de trabajar con los estudiantes, el personal y la comunidad de Manual y está comprometida con hacer que la transición sea positiva y sin contratiempos. Continuará apoyando los esfuerzos de mejora escolar que se han programado para Manual para el primer semestre de 2018-19 y será mentora del nuevo director.
La Srta. Heintzman iniciará oficialmente su labor al final de julio pero programará tiempo en el verano y principios de otoño para conocer a los estudiantes, las familias y miembros de la comunidad.
También queremos tomarnos el tiempo de expresar nuestro más profundo aprecio por Renard Simmons y su dedicación para con los estudiantes y miembros del personal de la Escuela Preparatoria Manual durante estos últimos meses. Extrañaremos al Sr. Simmons en su papel de director interino después de este año escolar y le deseamos lo mejor en su regreso como líder a tiempo completo de DC21.
Queremos que sepan que tenemos el compromiso de garantizar una transición sin interrupciones para los estudiantes de Manual. Si tienen alguna pregunta, no duden en llamar a la Línea de ayuda para las familias y la comunidad al 720-423-3054. Gracias.
Nicole Veltzé