Manual School of Business


Hello, Manual High School Community!

In collaboration with DPS CareerConnect, we are thrilled to announce our new Business Pathway, The Manual School of Business! Manual High School is located in one of the most thriving and historic commercial districts this side of the Mississippi River, with a long history of alumni who have found success in the business world. We now stand poised to make sure every Manual student has the opportunity to take advantage of the increasingly rapid business expansion taking place in our neighborhood, city, and immediate communities. While our current landscape boasts one of the highest rates of economic development in our country, in many instances it is also leaving many in our community without a voice or seemingly a place to live or thrive in this economic boom. Our aim is to change that.
In collaboration with the Five Points Business Association, Manual’s School of Business is born out of the urgency and moral imperative to ensure that our students are included in this expansion and revitalized vision of Denver’s metropolitan future. The Manual School of Business is also born out of what we do best- connect our Community, Culture and Innovation to guide our students towards stepping into their greatness. In our new Manual School of Business pathway, every participating student will take courses and course work tailored to engage and grow their learning in Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Business Applications, Principles of Business, Marketing, Economics, Finance, Real Estate, and college business courses for college credits. Combined with the power of our Early College state designation, this pathway can put any student or family that desires to participate on a fast track towards earning an Associates/Bachelors of Business Arts and/or Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in college and owning their own business dreams.
For students and families interested in taking courses and exploring The Manual School of Business you will find a plethora of exciting enrichments and high-quality learning opportunities available that include networking and shadowing alongside Five Points Business leaders and entrepreneurs, and community based health and wellness connections with social/emotional supports. Students will participate in workbased CareerConnect job experiences and internships, all while learning the community-based values, soft skills and innovative techniques needed to find long-term success in today’s emerging markets and competitive business centers. We are currently partnering and seeking partnerships with the Five Points Business Association, Near Northeast Leadership Compact, City and County of Denver, 5 Points Rotary, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Denver Public Schools for valuable student internships that will build out the next exciting chapter of our dreams here at Manual. With Manual’s Early College framework, AP and Honors courses, district leading ACE Connect pathway for students with disabilities, Med School at Manual and now The School of Business, we are confident that we are positioning Manual and its students to step into their greatness and take their place at the forefront of our rapidly evolving, global market place.

Kendrick Friendly, College Success, Early College Manager