Reading Partners


Manual Students engaged in the Reading Partners Program will increase their love of reading and improve their skills to make meaning from multiple texts.


  • Together, student and volunteers will choose reading material based on student interest
  • Student and volunteers will meet weekly during class time to engage in reading and discussion of chosen texts.
  • Students and volunteers will have opportunities to write about and share readings with a larger group.
  • Volunteers will receive training and support throughout the year. Volunteers are reading partners, providing modeling and practice for how one constructs meaning while reading.
  • Progress will be tracked based upon student and volunteer surveys, state and district assessments and increased time of student reading. This program is part of a school-wide effort to increase reading across the curriculum.


  1. Dramatically increase reading confidence and skill of Manual High School students.
  2. Build student reading fluency and comprehension.
  3. Build relationships between Manual High School and the community.
  4. Increase the amount of relevant complex text available to students.

For more information please contact: Julie Malek, Program Coordinator 303-918-9345