Student Support

Manual High School College Readiness Team

Our Mission

We support all students in accessing and securing post-secondary opportunities that help them achieve their dreams.

We expose our students to a variety of post-secondary options, including competitive four year colleges, that expand their ideas about what is possible. We remain a strong support for them as they transition from being Manual Thunderbolts to their next adventure in college or careers.

We don’t settle for lesser opportunities for our students.

Our Values

  • Growth
  • Equity
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Partnership
  • Honesty

Our Goals

  • 85% ICAP completion through strategic integration of Naviance and Google platforms.
  • $700,000 in scholarship dollars for the graduating class of 2017.
  • 90% FAFSA completion for all eligible seniors by graduation.
  • 20% gain in four-year college acceptance rate from 2015-2016 – overall goal of 85%.
  • 25% gain in college/post-secondary enrollment over the summer from 2015-2016 enrollment rate.
  • Increased exposure for grades 9-11 for college campuses and DSF Advisor – 85% of all students 9-11 will complete ICAP goals for the year.
  • Increased student understanding of the language of college (2 vs. 4 year, in state vs. out of state, financial aid, etc.) through our P4S lessons.
  • Establish a successful, academically driven College Readiness Center that is accessible for students of all grade levels. We will measure student traffic and usage through sign-in sheets.

To reach Manual’s Future Center, sponsored by the Denver Scholarship Foundation, contact College Advisor Diana Madriz,, or 720-423-6460.

To set up an appointment with one of our College Success team members:

Contact Kendrick Friendly- or 720-423-6582

Contact Britni Mushrush-, or 720-423-6752

Contact Diana Madriz-, or 720-423-6460

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