McAuliffe-Manual Athletics

McAuliffe Manual Athletics Program Development


Our vision is that McAuliffe Manual Middle School will become a robust and competitive athletic program offering a wide range of sports options appealing to the diverse interests of students.  The athletic program will include opportunities for students to: gain and improve skills development; foster team building; provide exposure and opportunities to compete with surrounding teams in the Metro Denver area.  By offering such a competitive and skills-focused athletic program at McAuliffe Manual, this creates a strong pipeline of student athletes that are prepared to participate and contribute to Manual High School’s athletic legacy.


During the school year McAuliffe Manual will offer a variety of athletic opportunities for students, including participation in the Denver Prep League and club skill-building sports offered through local partnerships.  Below is a breakdown of the seasonal offerings and future McAuliffe Manual/ Manual opportunities:


Seasonal Offerings

Early Fall Season

  • Boys Soccer
  • Boys Golf (McAuliffe Manual/ McAuliffe International Partnership Club)
  • Girls Softball- (Limited expressed interest, interested girls tried out for the McAuliffe International team)
  • Boys & Girls Cross Country
  • Futsal (Club) (McAuliffe Manual/ McAuliffe International Partnership Club)


 Fall Season – Approximately October 9 – November 14

  • Flag Football (Club- Potential to compete against other 6th grade only teams in DPS)
  • Girls Volleyball- (Potential to compete against other 6th grade only teams in DPS)
  • Field Hockey (Club- Partnership with McAuliffe International)


Winter Season – Approximately December 8 – February 13

  • Boys Basketball (6th grade League possible competition with other DPS schools)
  • Girls Basketball (6th grade League possible competition with other DPS schools)


Late Winter Season – Approximately February 22 – April 8

  • Floor Hockey- (YMCA- DPS Internal Candidates- DPS Prep League)- Smiley


Spring Season – Approximately March 9 – May 15

Field use from 4:30 – 7:30pm

  • Girls Golf (Club)-
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Lacrosse (Club)
  • Boys Baseball- (Club
  • Boys Lacrosse (Club)
  • Tennis (Club)

Our vision is that each year until the full build-out of McAuliffe Manual, there will be continued partnership/ coaching offerings with Manual and further competitive opportunities available to McAuliffe Manual students. This vision includes offering of a McAuliffe Manual futures teams in girls’ and boys’ basketball, volleyball and soccer.