Student reading

Manual High School’s innovative approach to teaching ensures a superior education for all its students, regardless of their learning needs. Our student scholars are encouraged to explore their passions while building skills and gaining knowledge that will help them achieve at the highest levels and step into their greatness. We have high expectations for all our students, many who will become the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

Our comprehensive academic program offers various pathways, depending on students’ individual learning needs and goals. Working closely with an advisor, students can pick from a rich mix of general studies courses, Advanced Placement (AP), Honors classes, a concurrent enrollment option, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), and an innovative STEM Biomedical pathway. Every academic approach pushes students to think critically and expand their current scope of knowledge, preparing them for the rigors and acceleration of post-secondary education and meaningful careers.

As one of the first Denver Public Schools to be approved for Innovation, every core classroom has been updated with 21st century tools and technology. Additionally, Manual keeps class sizes small, with a low student to teacher ratio. In this intimate setting, teachers are able to ensure accountability and help our scholars excel.

The Manual Graduate

Manual graduates employ innovation.

They embrace new ideas. They enjoy learning through evolving 21st century technologies, reading, the arts, personal relationships, inquiry, and real world experiences.

They apply complex thinking skills to make meaning from a variety of complex texts, challenging problems, and multiple perspectives.

They possess the ingenuity and the dedication to excellence required to take on the challenges of college and career.

Manual graduates build community.

They are champions of social justice.  They have developed the advocacy and communication skills to ensure their community has equitable access to social, political, and economic power in the world.

They are mindful about their community and consider the environmental, social and economic impacts of their actions and decisions.

They are aware of the impact of strong physical and emotional well being in a community.  They value and nurture their health.

Manual graduates celebrate culture.

They feel pride in and garner strength from their culture. They are curious to understand the culture of others.

They use their language and culture as instruments to understand and build their community.

They are proud to be Thunderbolts. They assume both the pride and the responsibility alumni hold for Manual High School.