Med and Tech School

Manual’s Career Pathways

Manual currently offers two cutting-edge, STEM pathways to match the growing needs of the Denver job market: Medical and Computer Programming careers.  The Med School and the Tech School allow you to take advanced career classes for several years to develop your interests or simply explore different careers through real world applications, supported with Honors academic classes.

Not just an elective class, it’s a pathway!


Unlike a menu of elective classes, a pathway guides you through a course of study across your entire high school career and beyond, working towards an associate degree towards a bachelor’s degree in medicine or technology while the you are still in high school.  Pathways provide you with student organizations and competitions as well as certificates that can be used for employment.  In class, you will visit hospitals and laboratories to meet adults in related fields and practice their skills with activities such as dissection (Career X), connect with mentors in the field (Career Coach), and participate in internship opportunities during the summer and school day (Career Launch) and ONLY at the Med School at Manual, you can join FACES, a two-year internship program where you shadow doctors, watching live births, surgeries, trauma care and much more while learning professional medical and leadership skills!  Please contact Shanti Montoya at 720-423-6303 if you would like more information or would like to shadow.

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students in class

the med school at manual

Whether you know you want to be a brain surgeon or you just want to see what medicals careers are all about, we have a Med School class or program for you!  Check these out!

Principles of Biomedical Science

You walk into class the first day to find a police scene!  Anna Martinez is dead.  Was it here angry business partner or jealous ex-husband?  Or did she put herself into a deadly blood sugar coma?  You will use forensics skills to explain the crime scene, investigate the leading causes of death in the United States, and learn how to protect yourself and your family from these common diseases.  Try your hand at a blood spatter lab, DNA extraction and learn CPR!

student learning cpr

Human Body Systems

Starting with an empty skeleton, you will gradually build in the organs using clay then create a disease in one of your body systems and kill your “person” off!  You will complete many dissections to discover what an eye is made of, how a joint works, or how your kidneys work!  Though out the entire class you will break the body down into its systems and deeply explore how they function.  Once you gain this insight, you will be given patient case studies which you will have to research, diagnose and recommend treatment just like a real doctor!  You will also get your CPR certificate in this class!

human skeletons in science classstudents doing an experiment

Health and Wellness

You are always told to eat your vegetables and that drinking soda is not good for you but what exactly can you do about it?  While in this class you will grow your own vegetables, have cooking competitions with healthy ingredients, learn how to make water taste more delicious than soda, and how to thrive while living in a food desert.

students planting seeds in class

Certified Nursing Assistant

Start your career in the medical field off when you are only 17!  What better way to explore medical careers than to become a Certified Nursing Assistant while still in high school!  In our clinical laboratory, which looks just like a hospital room, you will learn how to care for people who need long term assistance.  You will deepen your empathy for those who need support when your partner has to brush your teeth, help you get dressed and put your shoes on!  Learn how to take blood pressure and always bring dignity and respect to patients.  Leave this class with a CPR certificate and and CNA certificate!

nurse taking blood pressurenurse examining a patient

FACES with Denver Health

While still in high school, you will get to see live births, observe emergency care, and stand in surgeries to find your passion before you start college!  First you will go through a medical boot camp to learn how to make sure you are safe and do not endanger patients while maintaining respect and empathy for those in hospital and clinical settings. Afterwards you will participate in internship rotations throughout Denver Health for two years.  During this time you will become a tight knit family with your group as you learn leadership skills and present research projects.

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Can you compete?  While someone is timing you and judging your every move, can you stand up to the pressure and save a life?  Try your hand at walking onto rescue scenes to help injured people with a partner you have never met.  If rescue teams are not your style, research and present on medical law’s or create education materials for health related issues.  While in the Med School, join HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America) and show us what you got!

hosa future health professionals

The Tech School at Manual

Computer Science Essentials

You love your cell phone and all of its apps, now you can begin to build your own!  In this class you will create your own computer app on a Samsung tablet.  As a team you decide what you would like to build then you create games with sound and pictures, create web pages, learn the logic and start programming!

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Graphic Design

Love to draw and create designs?  In graphic design class, you will learn how to make logos, posters and t-shirt designs for the school!  See your creations on the wall and students wearing t-shirts you designed!  As you gain knowledge and experience, you will move onto 3-D modeling, game design and web page designs!

thunderbolts t shirtsilence violence logo

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For more information about The Med School at Manual program call 720-423-6350 or email